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6pcs Mini Diecast Alloy Construction Car Truck Engineering Dump Model Toys Set $20.99

6pcs Mini Diecast Alloy Construction Car Truck Engineering Dump Model Toys Set

Toy cars Unknown Manufacturer 1/64 Diecast Car lot 16 Vtg made in china $24.99

Toy cars Unknown Manufacturer 1/64 Diecast Car lot 16 Vtg made in china


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How It's Made - Model Racing Cars (Scalextric)

The overall manufacturing process of toy racing cars a.k.a Scalextric. Have fun!...

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Diecast Toy Car Manufacturers

Mikro'67 is the Bulgarian manufacturer for Matchbox, Gama, Schuco, NZG and other diecast models .
In 1990 there were 96 toy manufacturers in Bulgaria - producers' co-operative societies and factories. 13 of them were forming the State Economic Group "ДСО МЛАДОСТ" / "DSO Mladost"). Nowadays there is only one toy manufacturer left - "МИР"/"MIR" (from the communist era) to "МИКРО" / "MIKRO" a.k.a. "МИКРО'67" / "MIKRO'67" (post-communist era). Nowadays both the Mikro and Mikro'67 names are used interchangeably.
"In 1952 in one of the workshops of TPK (producers' co-operative society) Metalik differentiated team of workers for toys manufacturing. With a great effort and ambition the first toy was hand-made - a wind-up chain tractor. The production list was growing - trucks,...

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

RT @globaldiecast: Lots of updates to our inventoryWe're the world's largest online #diecast #Toy #Car #Tuck #motorcycle store Celebrating…

Lots of updates to our inventoryWe're the world's largest online #diecast #Toy #Car #Tuck #motorcycle store Celebra… t.co/kvEvnU6KKy 

Diecast Toy Cars of the 1950s & 1960s Diecast Toy Cars of the 1950s & 1960s
Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd 2009
ISBN 9781845841805,1845841808
128 pages
Standard Guide to 1:18 Scale Die-cast Cars Standard Guide to 1:18 Scale Die-cast Cars
Published by Krause Publications 2003
ISBN 9780873496452,0873496450
235 pages
Slot Cars Slot Cars
Published by University-Press.org 2013
ISBN 1230597387,9781230597386
58 pages
Slot Car Manufacturers
Published by Books LLC, Wiki Series 2011
ISBN 1233170481,9781233170487
32 pages

Manufacturer turns tiny cars into big business - Indianapolis Business Journal

hottestgadgetsofthe1970′s 1970′sinventionsthatchangedourwayoflife Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr

“I’ve seen so many companies merge, be acquired or just plain go out of business in this industry, it’s hard to count,” said Bob Lorton, owner of Gearheads Auto Racing Store, a die-cast collectibles dealer in Clermont. The Danbury Mint and The Franklin Mint are two big die-cast dealers that have baled on the itty-bitty-auto industry in recent years. With the Great Recession and continued proliferation of electronic devices and toys, sales of die-cast collectible cars hit their all-time low in 2008, according to the New York-based Toy Industry Association Inc. And although the toy market—and die-cast miniatures along with it—has risen at a modest clip recently,.

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Toy Car Manufacturer Tamiya Creates Driveable Full Scale Model After the Aero Avante - Video - autoevolution

france car sport yellow toy gold back model rear engine racing compartment renault elf 164 series trophy majorette bonnet michelin touring hatchback v6 megane manufacturer eurocup diecast livery openable armedclown309 Photo by Leap Kye on Flickr

Japanese people know their toys, and there’s not one diecast collector out there that can tell you otherwise. Tamiya Corporation has been around ever since the end of World War II, so when they decided to take their most popular scale model car and build a functional, full-size replica, we knew they were up to something big. Perhaps big is not the correct word here, since we’re talking about a vehicle that is 4. 65 meters (15 feet) long, 2. 8 meters (9. 1 feet) wide and 1. 44 meters (4. 59 feet) tall. The fully-functional version of the company’s most popular toy racer is called the “1/1 Giant Mini 4WD Project,” and according to Paultan , it is currently on display at the Toyota-owned Mega Web center in Odaiba, Tokyo.

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[03/01/16, via Digital Journal]
The Akron/Cleveland Area Will Be Overtaken By Toy Mania When The Antique Toy Buying Show Comes To Town Some examples include: Tin Windups, Robots, Space Toys, Battery Operated, Pressed Steel, Cast Iron, Diecast, Slot Cars, Friction ... toys at the event since Ohio is the home to many old toy manufacturers. The Antique Toy Buying Show will be held on ... [...]

[02/29/16, via Autoblog]
Model Car Collecting: Collector scale 1:18 Other model car manufacturers such as Ertl and Minichamps soon started ... but now make great 1:18 scale diecast cars in the $40 to $80 range. French-based brand Ottomobile and GT Spirit make resin cars that are amazing, but somewhat pricey with prices ... [...]

[02/27/16, via Comment]
Tesla Model S for Kids Gets Next Generation Pumped About EVs Tesla, the USA manufacturer of highly-performance ... cover), Tesla also sells roughly 28 centimetre long die cast models for $210 US. For the referral program customers will have to purchase a Model S through a unique referral link. [...]

[02/21/16, via Financial Times]
Glare of spotlight scales up Hornby’s pain Others — such as outsourcing production to China — are text book dilemmas for small manufacturers. Hornby manufactures some 6,000 miniature train sets, Corgi die-cast toys and Scalextric racing cars that take years to bring to the market. Moving ... [...]

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1:18-Scale 1950 Mercedes 170S Cabriolet Diecast Car

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Small wonder

Small wonder - lifestyle Updated: 20 September, 2020 08:22 IST | Anju Maskeri | Mumbai A collectibles shop at Flora Fountain is the oldest place in the city where you can feast your eyes on miniature models of the world's hottest wheels, right down to the last detail A scale die-cast model replica of the 1932 Ford Lincoln KB Top Down. It's a great piece for any vintage car collection, says Shah. Pics/ Suresh Karkera The first...

Advanced Electronics Spark Vehicle-Manufacturing Tech Evolution

What you’ll learn: Digitization of automotive systems. How automotive electronics helps to enhance safety in vehicles.How companies are bringing about innovative advancements in automotive electronics. Evolution has been a prevalent part of the automotive industry from the start, especially as the industrial landscape continues to become more technologically charged. As cars evolved from the first automobile developed by Carl Benz in 1886 to today’s automotive models, so did...