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Kyosho DRX Nitro Ford/Subaru Rally Cars

The newest version of the Kyosho DRX nitro rally car features authentic factory licensed bodies for the venerable Ford Fiesta and Subaru Impreza WRC Rally ...

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Kyosho Inferno GT2 Race Spec 1/8 Audi R8 LMS Readyset On Road Nitro Car w/ Radio 

Radio Controlled Car Manufacturers
Published by Books LLC, Wiki Series 2010
ISBN 1155680421,9781155680422
122 pages
The R/C Car Bible The R/C Car Bible
ISBN 161060539X,9781610605397
DieCastX Magazine DieCastX Magazine
96 pages
Radio Controlled Cars Radio Controlled Cars
Published by 2013
ISBN 1230612815,9781230612812
54 pages

UPDATED: Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI4, BODY OFF, FULL DETAILS - Radio control Car Action (blog)

From Kyosho :. The Kyosho Inferno line, the world’s most successful RC racing machines in 1/8-off road, just produced another evolution of the vaunted MP9, already one of the most developed competition buggies in the world. The new TKI4 is set to release in April and is targeting victory at the upcoming IFMAR 1:8 Off-Road World Championship in Las Vegas later this year. There are many buggies on the market that attempt to copy major design elements of successful buggies, but the MP9 did not rely any design or analysis of any other machine. It produced the eighth IFMAR World Championship for the Inferno line with its record eighth IFMAR title to its credit, along with numerous National Championships and victories at some of the world’s largest 1:8 off-road events.


Kyosho Europe Reveals FO-XX Nitro and EP Formula Off Road Models - Radio control Car Action (blog)

About the author I've been involved in RC for over 25 years, and first joined Air Age Media in 1997. I served as Executive Editor until 2008, when I went to work on the manufacturing side of the RC biz. Now back at RC Car Action, I'm thrilled to be doing what I love most--not just enjoying RC, but sharing it with all of you.


[03/02/16, via Radio Control Car Action]
UPDATED: Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI4, BODY OFF, FULL DETAILS Kyosho has announced all the tech details for the new TK14 ... The lower pins now benefit from material chosen based on 30 years of off-road nitro experience. They’re stronger than the pins in the TKI3. 4. UNIFORM 93mm UNIVERSAL DRIVESHAFTS Previous ... [...]

[01/18/16, via]
A959 2.4GHz 1/18 4WD Electric RC Car Off-Road Buggy RTR King Motor Baja KSRC-002 30.5cc 1/5 Scale 2 Speed Gas / Petrol Powered RC Remote Control Car: Toys & Games More [...]

[12/20/15, via]
ALEKO 1/10Th Scale 4WD Nitro Powered On-Road Baggy, Red We invite you to learn more about Fulfillment by Amazon . Nitro gas powered high speed off road buggy 1/10 scale suitable for indoor and outdoor control 2-speed (high-low speed adjust by player) Engine: Taiwan VERTEX 18cxp Tank with overflow pipe and ... [...]

[04/20/14, via Pink Bike]
Kyosho Inferno 1/8 nitro RC car x2 ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Hi for sale i have 2 kyosho inferno nitro rc cars, these are the best you ... These are absolute flying machines reaching up to 40mph off road!!! they are dangerous but fun! -very easy started unlike ... [...]

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There’s little debate that the Original Prusa i3 MK3 by Prusa Research is just about the best desktop 3D printer you can buy, at least in its price bracket. It consistently rates among the highest machines in terms of print quality and consistency, and offers cutting edge features thanks to its open source iterative development. Unless you’re trying to come in under a specific budget, you really can’t go wrong with a Prusa machine. But while the machine itself can be counted on...

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[abizar] lucked into some aluminum blocks, one of which had test-tube-sized holes in it–just the thing to turn into a dry bath for his biology projects. He stuck a 100W positive temperature coefficient heater into the bottom of the block using silicone glue, and the heater heated the block up in around half an hour. He connected a temperature controller to maintain the temperature at an ambient 95C, with a controller monitoring a thermistor to keep the block within the...

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Amongst the more difficult machining tasks in the world are those involved in the production of internal combustion engines. Thanks to the Internet, it’s now possible to watch detailed videos of master craftsmen assembling tiny desktop V8 and V12 engines in home workshops with barely a CNC in sight. However, up until now, most of these builds have been left on the test stand to bark and wail away. No longer – [Keith] has decided that needs to change. We’ve seen [Keith]’s work before...